Indo Western Tradelinks Limited wishes to serve the society with distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service while earning the respect and trust of our esteemed customers, suppliers, service providers, vendors, associates, investors and publics at large. We strive to surpass our competition by being swift, decisive, flexible, realistic, transparent, humane, responsive and innovative - backed by dedicated efforts, professionalism and commitment from each member of our team.

We are engaged in following areas:

  • Logistics : Domestic Logistics, International Logistics, Warehousing and Packing & Moving services.
  • Trading Hub : Domestic Trading & International Trading
  • Lifesciences : Formulations, Ayurvedic & Herbals and Surgicals

We are situated in financial capital of India, Mumbai, where we have our Head Office and Admin office in New Delhi, the capital of India and set-ups and branches at major cities of India - all having highly dedicated team of experienced professionals. With our strong domestic presence & trusted associates in many parts of the world, we are poised to grow big over time. We are confident about ourselves and willing to take up business proposals and perform with ease. We welcome all with open arms and a will to succeed together - Let's Compliment Each Other - Success Is Never Far.


It gives me immense pleasure to introduce our company, Indo Western Tradelinks Ltd., which made its humble beginning with a vision - of serving the society with our Quality products and services. Our motto is to achieve growth and along with us all those associated us grow. India is on a threshold of achieving greatness and becoming a major economic power in the world - which is possible only when each one of us come together and put his/her best. Indo Western Tradelinks Ltd, with our Global vision, wishes to join the big league and enhance the Image of India Inc.

We benchmark ourselves with the BEST in any industry we are in - Be it the Logistics, Lifesciences , Trading Hub or Upcoming businesses and social initiatives planned in very near future. This resolve to be among the BEST is backed by our Focussed approach, Team effort, Down-to-earth approach, Long term thinking, Clean and credible Image. We are committed to adopt best of ethical corporate practices in all our endeavours. We are ready to shoulder bigger Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as we grow stronger.

We are very proud of our Experienced and Trusted Team specializing in Planning & Strategy; New business exploration & development; HRD & Administration, Leading & Controlling; Project Management; Marketing, Sales, Export-Import, Promotion, Media, Certifications, Web promotion, Operations, Production, IT & Networking; Costing & Accounts; Banking & Finance; Taxation & Company Matters; Legal; Liasioning & Public relations and other commercial aspects.

Present economy: Overview

Ever since the liberalization of Indian economy in 1991, there has been a massive transformation in the way we looked at ourselves and the way world looked at us. It has liberated Indian enterprises from government control and made the economy much more open to global flows of trade in goods & services, capital and technology. Our entrepreneurs are competing with the best Global payers in all fields. Post WTO & recent agreements on Nuclear Deal and Climate Change Conventions Indian economy today is even more integrated with the world & we have to be in sync with regards to Environment & Social issues Globally.

Over a Billion largely peaceful, secular & coexisting population out of which 60% are youth; 65 years of vibrant, time tested & functional democracy; fairly decent human rights record; Independent Judiciary and Media; a vast pool of highly qualified Management, Scientific, Technological, Medical, IT & English speaking people; 300 million strong middle class; a large industrial & manufacturing sector; self-sufficient in food; healthy financial and banking sector; regulated stock markets; ever expanding services, hospitality & tourism; Expanding infrastructure sector; Savings rate of 28% and maintaining a growth rate which is 2nd only to China despite the entire world still trying to come out of serious recession - No wonder that India is the most exciting place in the world today.

On the other hand widening gap between rich and poor, Rampant Corruption, Breakdown in governance in many parts of the country, Discrimination against women, Child labour, Unemployment, Acute Poverty, Lack of basic amenities like Roads, Electricity, and Potable water, Modernization of agriculture, Family planning, Health, Sanitation and education, Terrorism, Naxalism, Casteism, Regionalism, Turbulent relations with our neighbours - these are some of the issues which are impediments in our upward journey which need urgent attention. However silverlings are there- Deep penetration of mobile phones at cheapest rates and broadband too which is making internet reach to every Panchayat, Media activitism, Human Rights Groups, NGOs, RTI Act, Govt schemes like NREGA, RTE, UID (Aadhar), Women's Reservation Bill, Digitisation of Govt. Datas, etc. More and more companies are achieving global competitiveness in Manufacturing, Exports, Services, particularly Telecom, retail, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, financial, software and IT.

These achievements are no mean considering that we are still a young country and we have achieved these despite democracy and till 1991 we were a closed economy! But on the other hand it is also true that Chinese GDP was equal to ours just 30 years back and today GDP of China is 4 Times the GDP of India - US$ 5 Trillions!. To become a tiger economy India has to maintain a sustained GDP growth rate of more than 7 per cent per year. According to Goldman Sachs' BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) report 2003, India will be among the top three global economies by 2050. For this the Government needs to invest heavily in physical as well as social infrastructure and partnering much more with the private sector by giving them a far greater role to play in the nation building. Every individual has to play his role in the nation building. Then only we will be on top. The road is long but we are on the right path and we will achieve our goals. We are very upbeat on the India story.


In the end let me conclude by seeking your guidance, blessings and cooperation for our ventures. We are determined to succeed and seek your full support for fulfilment of our ultimate goal - Growing Together With Global Vision ®



Serving with best of the products and services by continuously adopting new and improved technology and adopting best business practices.


Indo Western Tradelinks Limited operates from India and is supported by extensive network of offices and associates in India and overseas. We are a mix of young, experienced and capable people having worked under tough competitive environment. At present we are focusing our energies on Pharmaceuticals- Formulations, Surgicals, Ayurvedics and herbals. In Logistics services we are providing total logistics solutions - Domestic Logistics, International Logistics, Warehousing, Packing & Moving - under one roof. Under Trading hub we are into Domestic Trading & International Trading.


At Indo Western Tradelinks Limited our purpose is to add value in all our endeavors and evoke trust among consumers, stakeholders, value-chain partners and community at large. We wish to be known as a pioneer and a leading company, which we ensure by providing products and services of top quality and environment friendly. To achieve our global vision we have adopted certain values, which enables us to expand genuine environmental awareness and balance our societal and business commitments simultaneously in the process.

Our Values:

At Indo Western Tradelinks Ltd. we believe that good corporate governance is the foundation upon which we build and achieve our goals and provide value to our customers and communities to which we belong. Our business Policies are in alignment with our Values and Commitments. Each of us strives to conduct the Company's business with integrity, in compliance with the laws of the land and in a manner that excludes considerations of personal advantage.

Our company shares a set of core values:






Our Commitment:

We are fully committed towards attaining our aims and would like to work tirelessly towards its fulfillment. We have arrived and solicit your blessings, guidelines and support in our endeavour. It is our desire to do long term business and delight you with our products and services.